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Transmission Explanation

Tips to Safeguard Your Transmission

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  • Here are a few tips to help you avoid transmission problems:

    • Check the automatic transmission fluid every 1,000 miles for level, smell and colour. A dark, burnt-smelling low level of transmission fluid is a bad sign!
    • Recognize changes in the way your car drives. Notice gear slippage, early or delayed shifting, or strange noises. These could indicate problems with the transmission.
    • Come to a complete stop before switching into parking gear, and make sure you are stopped before moving from park to another gear.
    • Don’t rock a vehicle. For instance, if you are stuck in mud, snow or sand. Rocking the vehicle could cause transmission failure.
    • Do not shift from drive to reverse while the vehicle is moving.
    • Don’t drag race! For more reasons than one, this is a dangerous pursuit that is very unkind to your transmission.
    • Don’t drive on a spare tire for longer than necessary.
    • Check the cooling system regularly. Transmission failure can result from excessive heat.
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